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About us

The Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups (CRRCG) is an independent body of the state administration in charge of the religious issues in the country. The Commission is headed by a director as an official appointed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Commission has been established as a religious body within the Main Headquarters of the People's Liberation Army of Macedonia. The Chief of Staff Mihajlo Apostolski with an ordinance has appointed Veljo Manchevski the first religious officer. After the liberation, republic religious commissions were formed in the federal state of Yugoslavia, which compound part was Macedonia. In the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic Religious Commission was headed by Epaminonda Pop Andonov.

Throughout the years that followed this religious body turned into a state institution that has overcome various historical epochs and that was devoted to promoting religious freedoms and rights in Macedonia, as well as to creating conditions for cooperation of the religious communities with the state, that was especially important in a multi-confessional state with a religious population.

All public opinion polls indicate a high percentage of citizens (over 90%) who declare themselves religious. The Republic of Macedonia in front of the world can boast of its priceless cultural heritage, which is for the most part under the jurisdiction of religious communities. The history of the Macedonian people is closely related to the history of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Social living pulses in diversity, and citizens are the most sensitive in violating inter-confessional relations, that is, religious issues, have the potential to overcome interethnic tensions. The world is in constant threat of violent extremism, which is often the result of religious radicalism and fanaticism. Our diaspora spread throughout the world is organized through religious communities. Our ethno culture is dyed with manifestations that are religiously determined. About 42 religious communities are active in Macedonia. Hundreds of foreign missionaries visit Macedonia annually. Students in elementary education have the opportunity to study the subject Ethics in Religions. The international bilateral relations of the Republic of Macedonia with important partner countries are often determined by the state's relationship with the religious communities, such as Israel, Vatican, Turkey, etc. Macedonia has not yet established a chaplain service in health institutions, the army, penitentiary institutions, which is the case in all NATO member states. Religious tourism is our strongest trumpeard in the overall tourist offer. Macedonia is known for St. Cyril and Methodius and St. George. Mother Teresa is famous all over the world. The state's relation to religious freedoms and rights is monitored by respectable international instances. All of this sheds light on the importance that the Commission for Relations with the Religious Communities has in our society.

Focused on goals, with strong faith, we are continuing forward!