Овој веб сајт користи колачиња "Cookies"

Би сакале да користиме веб колачиња "Cookies", со цел да го подобриме Вашето корисничко искуство на нашата апликација. Ова ни овозможува да го подобриме Вашето идно искуство на нашата апликација

English - Application for stay

APPLICATION FORM for issuance a permit to foreign citizens for performing worship, prayer and other manifestations of faith

The Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups, in accordance with the legal regulations on the residence of foreign nationals in the Republic of Macedonia and in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Legal Status of a Church, Religious Community and Religious Group, Article 18 paragraph 3, issues a permit to foreign citizens invited by registered churches, religious communities and religious groups for performing worship, prayer, and other manifestations of faith. The application form for issuance of the permit together with other required documents shall be submitted in person at the Commission's premises or by e-mail. In case of electronic application, the documents are to be scanned in PDF format and sent to the Commission's e-mail address.


proof of paid administrative fee

copy of a travel document

volunteering contract

apartment lease agreement

proof of completed theological education

program of activities




Administrative officer in charge:

Ognen Kocevski

Phone: 02/3226-777