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He has graduated from the Faculty of Law "Justinian the First" at the "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" University in Skopje. He has continued his postgraduate studies at the same faculty and acquired the title of Master of Law in the field of Civil Law. He has completed his master's studies with average grade 9.5, defending the master's thesis titled: "Natal Policy and Demographic Development in the Republic of Macedonia". Upon completion of his postgraduate studies, he has also passed the bar exam.

He has acquired his informal education through active participation in a number of seminars, trainings, and conferences in the field of civil law, multiculturalism, democracy, etc.

He has successfully completed the Regional Political Academy for Social-Democratic Parties in 2015 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he has published his paper on "Factorization of Youth Organizations“.

He is a member of the Presidency of the Basic Organization of the Union of Freedom Fighters of the National Liberation War, which benefits and values he affirms with a special piety.

He is active participant in the overall socially responsible life in both the city of Tetovo and the Polog region. Through expressed civic activism, he advocates in the field of culture, ecology, law and civic participation with a series of initiatives.

He strongly believes in the perspectives of our society that open up to multi-confessionalism and multiculturalism, if they produce mutual trust, cooperation and compromise.

As a director of the CRRCG, he advocates a new chapter of the relations between the state and religious communities, where in the honest approach will build an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between confessions, increased care for the needs of the religious communities, protection of the secular character of the state and promotion of religious freedoms and rights of the citizens.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia appointed him director on February 13, 2018, and in 2022 he started his second term as director of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups. In the past period, the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups notes organizational and functional development, a series of implemented projects, sets a strategic line of future action and quality relations with all religious entities and relevant domestic and international actors, while motivating regional cooperation of the countries in the region.

CONTACT: direktor@kovz.gov.mk and sotirovskidarijan@gmail.com