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Submit a complaint

he right to religion is one of the most sensitive areas in our society and can often be subject to discrimination. According to Article 4 of the Law on the Legal Status of a Church, Religious Community and Religious Group, religious discrimination is not permitted, and religious conviction does not relieve the citizen of his or her obligations under the Constitution, laws and other regulations, unless otherwise provided by law or any other regulation not otherwise regulated. Submission of complaints is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and the positive legal regulations. According to Article 24 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia: "Every citizen has the right to submit complaints to the state authorities and other public services and to receive an answer". According to Article 3 of the Law on Handling Complaints and Proposals: “Any natural or legal person may be the subject of a complaint or proposal, and shall not be held liable or suffer any harmful consequences as a result of the filing of a complaint, that is, the proposal and statement of views and opinions, unless it is a criminal offense. " If the complaint falls within the competences of the Commission, it shall act upon it, even where no legal obligation exists to act.


Complaint related to the choice of the course "Ethics in Religions" in primary school

Complaint related to hate speech based on religion

Complaint related to loudness of prayers in religious objects

Complaint related to violation of the principle of secularity


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Put your complaints in the complaint box provided at the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups or send them at the following e-mail address: kovz@kovz.gov.mk

The legal deadline for replying to your complaints is 15 or 30 days from the date of its receipt.

Administrative officer in charge:

Elena Stojanova

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