Овој веб сајт користи колачиња "Cookies"

Би сакале да користиме веб колачиња "Cookies", со цел да го подобриме Вашето корисничко искуство на нашата апликација. Ова ни овозможува да го подобриме Вашето идно искуство на нашата апликација

English - Treasury


Treasury is the latest project of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups (CRRCG) for the promotion of Macedonian religious art of the past and present, of the wide spectrum of cultural values and peculiarities that Christianity, Islam and Judaism have woven into our multi-confessional society, into the religious cuisine from these areas, the multitude of ancient recipes for Easter dishes, or the preparation of delicious Bajram baklava, traditional Sephardic Jewish meals, as well as the monastery handicrafts and products, which are produced in our monasteries.

Within the framework of this project, we will gradually present to the public data that refer to various aspects of our rich cultural treasury inspired and created by religion as a constant represented by our people for millennia. The Macedonian story is as impressive as our authentic treasury inspires.

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